Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thing 18

As I stated in Thing 2, libraries, as most societal institutions, have to adapt to the needs of its patrons. Librarians are in the unique position of helping patrons bridge worlds. Given all the current and emerging technologies, the present and the future are both real and virtual and will continue on this way for many lifetimes. It is my belief that libraries and librarians will also continue on, in one form or another. It is up to us as professionals to determine what direction we will take. Librarians are typically forward thinking people, both individually and collectively as a profession. Our belief in "The Library" and all that libraries represent to a free thinking society will never change. What will change is how information is delivered and disseminated.


  1. Congratulations! I do believe that you are the first to complete the entire program. Although we have until September 30th, you definitely decided to run ahead of the pack. Great job - on your blogging and on your hands-on participation.